Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Celebration

I feel like the worst valentine ever. Because school has been so demanding, I wasnt able to be the valentine I wanted to be for Max. *insert sad face here* I had a big presentation to give on Valentine's Day so the days leading up to it were spent in preparation and not on the special day that it really was. I knew that Max had gotten me a little something but he wasnt saying what. And to be honest, I had forgotten all about it due to my presentation. So first thing Valentine's morning, Max was all ready to get out his gift (dont worry, its rated 'G'). To my surprise, this is what he gave me:

He was shopping at Gordmans one day and ran across this wooden Celebrate sign and knew that I would love it. Im not sure if I was more surprised that he got me a Valentine's gift or that he was paying attention and remembered that celebrate was my word for the year. Either way, kudos to Max!

I hope that each of you were able to spend some special time with your loved ones for Valentine's day.

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Carol said...

WTG Max, I'm impressed! There's so much caring that comes with a gift like this:) You lucky girl:) Enjoy!