Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

As one of the most influential women in my life *cough*, I feel it appropriate to take note of Barbie on her 50th birthday!
Magic Moves Barbie, I loved your blue fur gown and awesome moves!
(Yes, I had her!)

And Crystal Barbie was oh so flashy in her iridescent dress (and crunchy too!).
(Yes, I had her too!)

And Peaches and Cream Barbie, you were always one of my favorites. So much so, I dreamed of having a peach wedding all through childhood.

(Unfortunately, I did not acquire this doll and I'm still a little bitter.)

Happy birthday Barbie! If it weren't for you, my childhood memories would be cut nearly in half!


*Beatriz Jennings* said...

oh! I always wanted Crystal Barbie! but my parents didn't had enough money to buy me one :( I still think that Barbie is one of my favorite dolls!! :)

The Neally Family said...

I had all those! My sister cut off Peaches and Cream's hair because she wanted to give her a bob. I loved all those. :)