Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Antique Finds

Last Friday, Max and I headed downtown for the evening. We had dinner at a new restaurant in town then mosied through the various little shops. Downtown was having a gallery walk so most of the little stores were open late. We love little events such as these!

I wasn't shopping for anything in particular, or even anything at all. I did have my eyes peeled though for something sweet to give my mom for Mother's Day. We headed into one of my favorite little antique shops, my favorite because its owner is just the sweetest lady ever and there always seems to be something that catches my eye. This is the same shop where I found many of the vintage napkins that we used in our wedding. But I digress. Anyhoo... we hadn't been in the shop all that long when I found it. Or maybe it found me, I'm not sure. The cutest little wire purse was just hanging on the corner of a large hutch. No price tag, just hanging there like it didn't really know where it belonged. Until of course, I came along, then it belonged to me! So I snatched up the little purse, as well as a vintage hankie, and took them home.

I filled the purse with moss, found at the local craft store, draped the hankie out the top, and pinned on a rose. The picture below is how I gave it to my mom, but I told her that it still needed a little something extra. I wanted to add pearls but didn't have any so I think she'll add them for me. I just love little finds like this. Completely original (as far as I know!) and pretty quick and easy. You just never know what you'll find at one of those antique shops!


Carol said...

first of all, congratulations on graduating! You worked hard for this and I'm so glad you found "your mountain"! (love that Dr Seuss)
Secondly, the purse you discovered was such a thoughtful gift to give on Mothers day. I never would have seen the beauty in it, but the way you brought it back to life is amazing! Very nice!

Paint'nfarmMom said...

And I LOVE it! I did indeed add a touch of pearls. Hung it in my bathroom along with my other collectibles. But I love it sooo much I want to move it where-ever I am!

Thank You sooooo much Jilly!
(And the words as to how proud your father and I are of you and your accomplishments are still hard to come-by.) We are very proud of you!
Love, Mom

Bea said...

Thanks for writing this.