Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cupcake Card

So I had to go to the scrapbook store today to get some paper for these 100 baby announcements that Im working on. Ive been looking at pink and black for so long that I needed a fresh change. Up pops this cutsie polka dot paper by BoBunny. Perfect. So I grabbed some sunny yellow and strawberry pink cardstock and couldnt wait to piece together a card.

I tell you what, Im really out of the swing of things! I've fiddled with this darn card all night and Im still not happy with it. The cupcake image is actaully a doodlebat called DBlovepastries. They work like stamped images except you print them out from your computer. At a buck for a whole alphabet worth of images, you cant beat that!

Anyway, here's the card I was super excited to put together but turned out less than par. Ah well. There's a good chance that ole cupcake will get taken off and replaced with something else...Im thinking lemons...or stawberries...


Carol said...

even if you don't like it, I do! I love those cheery, summery, fruity colors and polka dots. Maybe a little bit of sparkly on the frosting will make it all better :)

Paint'nfarmMom said...

Tis cute! I agree with Carol...if you think it needs something ...make it bling! Colored glitter??? I found some earlier today in my stash...pastel colors..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
My Mom sent me a link to your blog, and I wanted to say "Congrats" on Graduation!!! I enjoyed reading everything you posted, especially the Dr. Seuss. It actually made me cry. The incidents with your dog, and her habits made me laugh.

Take Care and great job!!!

Teri Longacre (yep, Jim's big Sis)

Kristal said...

You know I adore a cupcake or two! Your work is amazing - don't doubt yourself.