Friday, May 2, 2008

No more pencils, no more books... more teacher's dirty looks!

Remember that ole saying? I took my last final this morning so Im officially done with spring semester. Boy was it a doozy! Looking back, it really is kind of amazing how I was able to handle the demands but as usual, it all worked out.

Im really looking forward to getting my hands dirty this spring and getting back to crafty business. Tell all your friends, Twin Sisters is back online.

I'll check back in over the weekend so we can catch up. Its been such a long time...

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Carol said...

Nice to see you posting again and to know you'll soon be graduating. Congratulations! Have fun with the baby invitations.....I can't imagine black on a baby card, so you'll just have to post one after you finish it:) Have fun! Again, congrats on a job well done! You made it!