Thursday, January 24, 2008


Im about to share some information with you that could be classified as "TMI", too much information. But I have to share...

So my dog Mandy has this little problem...she...likes to eat my underwear. Why? I dont know but I wish I did. She has done this ever since Max and I have been together. And gosh darn if it isnt usually my best or favorite pair of undies. Does she eat Max's underoos? Oh no, just mine.

For those of you that dont know Mandy, she's...sensitive. Or maybe spoiled is more like it. We've figured out that she does NOT like to be left...for any period of time. If you leave her, you better pin her up or you'll likely pay for it. If we dont pin her up or put her outside, the bedroom door is shut or all undies are placed up high.

So tonight, after spending some time on the computer and getting rather sleepy, I headed for bed. After I turned on the light I stopped dead in my tracks. 1...2...3...4 pairs of underware, laying on the floor, eaten. Ohhhh I was mad. Two of the four were salvaged from a previous ransacking-no loss there, the third wasnt pretty but salvageable, and the fourth...well the fourth makes me the maddest of all. Just a couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my sock and underwear drawers. I pitched a ton of things that I no longer wear or that did not *ahem* fit. Now, Im particular about my undies and what I like so when I finally found "the ones" I picked up several pairs. To my horror, Fruit of the Loom apparently has discontinued this style. But why?! Needless to say, Mandy has eaten all of them. So anyway, as I was cleaning out my drawers, I found one pair that I had forgotten about which was completely untouched by Mandy dog. You would have thought I had just struck gold or something! So guess which pair was number 4...yeah.

So why did Mandy eat my underwear since I was home all evening with her? Simple. I didnt share my pizza crusts with her. She has developed this bad habit where she thinks she gets to lick every dish when we're done with it. Im trying to stop that so when I was done with my pizza tonight, I threw away the crusts. Now mind you, I did give her two bites but she knew there were more that I wasnt giving her...hence the reason for eating my underwear. She was mad at me. That's what she does. If she's mad at you she will find something of yours and eat it. So she received a spankin' and was told that she couldnt sleep in bed with us tonight. Take THAT Miss Mandy. *hmph*


Jill said...

I am sorry but I laughed my head off reading this. I know how that dog can be!!! I would have been so mad at her!!! Maybe she likes the feel of them. When she lived here she wasn't interested in my granny panties. Not to change the subject but I love the cards that you posted in your shop. They are so cute.

Carol said...

I have a friend who's poodle used to do the same thing to her! She used to get so angry, but eventually she had to completely ban her from her bedroom to save her unmentionables! I'd be calling the dog whisperer to find the solution to this problem! LOL Bad dog, no bone!!!

Anonymous said...

It could be worse...Bandit = collitus = vet = Wendy rides home in car of horror.