Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! May the coming year bring you plenty of blessings and good health.

Speaking of health, I have a whisper of a voice today. After being sick for a few days, I was finally feeling about 85% better yesterday and able to go out and ring in the new year. Apparently I rang a little too much because I lost my voice while the night was still young. Ah well, I'm sure it'll return soon enough.

Its beginning to look at a lot like Christmas...just a week late! The snow hit again last night and I cant tell if its still snowing or just blowing around. Either way, its pretty. Great day for staying inside by the fire.

I wanted to show you this little dress that I made (when I say "I", I really mean my mom!) for my friend's daughter. She was having a "Fifi" poodle party so I just had to make her something with a poodle on it. The outside is a very soft pink chenille and the inside is a flannel animal print. I love how the chenille peeks out underneath the animal print and the satin ribbon around the openings added a nice touch as well. The poodle was ironed on to the pocket prior to sewing to the dress. Thanks mom for fixing what started out to be a disaster! I have some chenille left over and I really cant wait to use it on something. Im hoping to make a pillow out of the large pieces and maybe some paper crafting out of the scraps. Im really excited about that! ;)

I said I would share with you some of my Christmas presents so I thought I would first start with the book, Coming Home by Gooseberry Patch. My m.i.l. gave me a similar book last year and I really, really loved it! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this year's version.

If you'd like to purchase this book, you can buy it here for a fraction of the retail price. I buy and sell all of my text books from here and the Gooseberry book I'm showing you, sells for as low as $13. Last year's book, Let's Get Together, sells for as low as $12. I HIGHLY recommend both books. I'll be bringing you some sneak peaks from both so stay tuned!
That about wraps it up for me today. I look forward to sharing with you over the course of the new year! Until next time...


Carol said...

the little pink dress is darling:) You and your Mom did a great job making it - too sweet:)
IThe cover of that book looks so inviting! Looking out my window I see bare trees and winds a blowing. No snow here.....yet! Stay warm and enjoy the holiday:) TFS

Sherrie said...

The dress is soooo cute. I will also have to ck out the book. You have done a great job., I am glad that Aunt Vonnie sent this to me. I feel like I can maybe get to know you a little better. I am your cousin, Barbara's daughter. Hope you are feeling better, stay warm & Happy Holidays.

Jill said...

I love that pink dress. Did you get to see her in it? I got the frames for those Christmas cards and they look really cute. One question.....how did you get those wreaths to stick in the windows. I thought they looked so cute.

Jill (Sr)