Monday, December 22, 2008

Fresh Cut Ornaments

I've finally found an opportunity to share with you my "best seller" at the craft show from a few weeks ago, Fresh Cut Ornaments. On the cover of a magazine (Cottage Living maybe?) I saw where they had decorated a simple Christmas tree with log slices hung by ribbon. It looked easy enough so I decided to give it a try. Max just happen to have cut a few logs that were perfect for this idea so I loaded them up and headed out to the farm. Using my dad's band saw, I went to work cutting the log into slices. Once we got the correct blade on, it worked like a charm and before I knew it, I had over 50 slices from a log and a half!

Once I got them home and the slices dried out, I began adding to the simple version I remembered from the magazine. I seldom leave well enough alone so I picked up some very inexpensive holiday picks from the craft store thinking that they would add to the rustic charm of the ornaments. First, I threaded my ribbon through the small hole that I drilled into the log slice. After knotting the two open ends together, I pulled the tails down and around so that they would be lying against the wood. Next, I stuck the holiday pick through the hole as well, pulling from the back side to ensure a very snug and tight fit. Originally, I pulled the excess wire around and tucked it into the pick where it wasnt visible but later decided to cut it off using wire cutters so that it was flush with the wood. After snipping the tails with pinking shears and adjusting the holdiay pick so it was "just right", I was all done! Except, it really isnt quite finished. This was regular wood, and I wanted PINE wood so that it would smell good. Hmmm, to make it smell like pine...great idea! I searched the stores for some kind of oil to scent the wood with but didnt have any luck finding a Chrismasy smell. It occurred to me that I had some home fragerance oils from The Body Shop, the kind you use with a tealight burner, that just might work. I added several drops of this piney Christmas scent to the bark around the log slice and it instantly gave it a wonderful Christmas scent! Problem was, several drops of scented oil times a dozen ornaments equals a scented overload headache!

I was please with how the simple ornaments turned out but I wanted to try one more idea...snow! So I picked up a small tub of Snow-Tex and gave it a whirl. Using a regular butter knife, I added dollops of Snow Tex to the top of the ornament, dabbing here and there to make it as realistic as possible. While the snow was still wet, I added some clear glitter to give the snow a glistening sparkle. After the snow had successfully "fallen" on the ornaments, I set them into a cupcake tray for them to dry before I put on the decorations. Drying time depends on how thick you lay it on, but I let mine sit over night just to be sure it was good and dry. But its dry to the touch in just a few hours, although a bit soft.

So here are a few of the ornaments on my tree:

I hope you found this not-so-brief tutorial on Fresh Cut Ornaments enjoyable. These ornaments really are very easy and quick to put together, give it a try!

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