Monday, December 10, 2007

It's been a while!

It has been way too long since Ive visited my own blog page. I guess Ive just been too busy stalking everyone else's! I have been pretty busy with various projects over the past few months so lets get started shall we?

Im going to start first with a little sumtin' I made for my niece Cory, it was her second birthday recently. I saw these in a local boutique and was like, I can so make that! So I gave it a whirl and here's how it turned out.

I think the tutu was a big hit! Once she put it on she didnt want to take it off and she looked adorable in it! Happy Birthday little princess!

We had our first substantial snowfall early last week and this is how our "back yard" looked. I love the peacefulness of freshly fallen snow, there's nothing like it. Of course, that feeling usually changes by the end of the season!

So with all the new snow, it is definitely starting to look like Christmas around here. Here are a few random pics Ive taken from around the house.
These little ornaments were made by printing out Christmas sheet music on ivory cardstock and punching out with my Marvy Giga punch. I then punched a hole, threaded ribbon through, and viola! Super quick and easy, especially on the wallet.

Im going to end this post with a little project that has been a family tradition for 28 years. The year that I was born, my mom put together a "Christmas Wishbook". Each of her seven children had their own page on which they could "wish" for whatever they wanted for Christmas. This helped her to shop for Christmas and we also left it out for Santa to read too. So it has been left to me to make sure that a wishbook is created each year for Christmas. Or maybe I just took it over, who knows. There are 31 of us now so you can sure bet Santa needs a shopping list! I was in such a frantic to get this year's book made that I forgot to take pictures. Im such a bonehead! Well, it was a bit of a mess to make, picture... glue...glitter...31 get my drift. But, I did just make a book for my sister-in-law's mother and I did take pictures of that one! Never mind that I had to take them in my car sitting outside of Kinkos! Here it is:

This one was pretty easy really and kind of fun! Much unlike the glittery mess I mentioned earlier! This is the first 3x4 book Ive made, they've been 6x6 the past few years and larger than that way back when. I separated each family with a ribbon tag which added a nice touch to the side of the book. There were 18 pages in this book plus a special Notes pages so that they could jot down memories from that year's Christmas holiday. All in all, I think it took me less than an hour and a half to complete. Then I took it to Kinko's to have it bound, which cost about $4+ to do. Well worth it in my opinion!

Ive been working on some Christmas cards for my mom, sister and myself so hopefully I'll have those to post real soon. Until then...!


Carol said...

I'm glad to see a new post from you! You did such a fantastic job on your princess gown! I know Cory has to be thrilled with such a pretty outfit to wear! I love the ribbon dividers on your book too - that's such a nice touch! Great idea to use sheet music for ornaments! Who knew? TFS!! more please:)

Deanna said...

I love the outfit you made for your niece. It is boootiful.
I am going to copy your idea for the sheet music for ornaments. My aunt's granddaughter plays the flute and will love them. Thanks for sharing.

Jill Francine said...

Thanks ladies, Im glad you stopped by! If you like the ornaments you can find pictures of sheet music on this website: (or just Google Image Search Christmas Sheet Music).
Not every song has a picture of the sheet music but many of them do. And I think they have every possible Christmas song under the sun. Let me know how they turn out or if you found something new to do with them. Id love to see!

Wendy (Cory's Mom) said...

Yes. Cory LOVED the skirt. She wore it again last night. Thanks again Jill for such a unique and wonderful gift.