Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa's Workshop

Being one of Santa's elves is really, really hard work! What have I been up to you ask? Well, let me just jump right in and show you! Last time we met I mentioned the long list I needed to tackle and this is it. 15, count 'em, 15 customized frames. Now, to be fair, I've really had about two months to get these done, but did I get them done early so that I wouldn't have to stress? Ohhh no, that would not be my style. I work best under pressure...or so I tell myself.

I started and finished my Christmas cards just last night. That's right, just 5 days before Christmas. Can you say last minute? So, I made all 24 of them last night and shipped them out first thing this morning. They really aren't what I wanted but I didn't have time to be picky. I picked up the colored cardstock yesterday, printed out some sheet music on plain old office cardstock, and punched those out with my giga scalloped square. Its hard to tell in the pic, but they're dusted with clear glitter. In fact, I think my entire house and car is now "dusted" with clear glitter. Then, they're all topped off with a green button. Some were rather large so I pray that they stay attached to the card and that they go through the mail system without any hiccups.
Backing up to earlier in the week, we had our office Christmas lunch carry-in. I threw together some punch and brought these little sweet treats. My mom gets most of the credit for these though. She made the puffs and filling, all I did was re-fluff the filling and fill them. She makes these every year for Christmas and even though they're not my absolute favorite, it's just not Christmas without them.
I've already shown you the cards I made for my mom, well I also made her 50 of these little Christmas tags. Ive had these foam stamps for years. Since Ive never been a stamper I didn't really know what to do with them. Well now I know! They've each been stamped and colored by hand, all 50 of them. I just used some cardstock scraps I had left over from my wedding invitations and punched them with a giga scalloped square. Sure beats the ones you get at the store!
Remember the tutu I posted a few days back? I made another one for my sister to give to a lady she works with. I said I would wrap it all up for her and deliver it to where she works, but I had to warn her that I vowed to use newspaper to wrap all of my gifts this year. She wasn't so sure about that but I stuck to my guns and this is how it turned out. Who can beat free wrapping paper?!
I also made these cute little t-shirts for my mom to give my nieces for Christmas this year. 7 of them, all sparkly and cute, just like their personalities.
And did I mention that in between all these "little" projects over the past two weeks that I also had finals to study for and take? Oh yeah, lets test Jill to the max. But the semester is over so at least I don't have to worry about that anymore. So today, yes today, was the first day for Christmas shopping. *gasp* I know, its crazy. So now Im home from shopping, thought I would stop in for a quick hello, and now its time to get back at it. I have presents to wrap (in newspaper!), a house to clean, another tutu to make (a purple one this time!), some monogram necklaces to make and maybe a few other crafts if I have "time". I guess I'll sleep when Im dead.

Best of luck to those of you with projects to finish over the next couple of days. Warm wishes!


Jill said...

And in your spare time you are doing what???? If you need something else to do you have a request from someone for pumpkin roll for Christmas Eve supper. Your things are beautiful.

Carol said...

WHEW!!! I'm exhausted after reading/seeing everything you've been working on! (and I thought I was busy!) The frames and tags are beautiful, and will make great gifts. Are you saying you actually made ALL of your cards in one night?! Whatever you're taking, I want some! LOL
Why newspaper? I'm just curious:)
After all this hard work you've been doing, I can't IMAGINE who'd have the nerve to request a pumpkin roll....then again, perhaps I can:)
TFS your lovely work:) Merry Christmas:)

Anonymous said...

The tutu Jill made for a friend of mine turned out to be a big hit! Seriously, if anyone is needing a cute gift for a princess of their own, you need to order one of Jill's tutu's! Little girls Love Them!!