Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Wishes & Snowy Kisses!

As promised, here's a start on my Christmas cards for this year. Sadly, they're not for me but for my sister. Lucky girl, if I do say so myself.
Because I took these pictures at night, their true colors arent really coming through but you get the idea. Im no photographer so its hard to tell the the card front is actually about an inch shorter than the card back, so the snowflake overlaps the front and back. The exposed blue needed a little touch of something so I used my white ink pad and dusted around the edge and corners. It reminds me of a frosted window pane!

Im still working on cards for my mom so hopefully I'll have those to post tomorrow. Lord willing I'll find some time to actually make some cards for myself! But for a teaser, Im thinking that they'll be some sort of an ornament... Oooo, exciting!


Carol said...

snowflakes - my favorite thing to put on a card. I love the large accent snowflake on the side. I like those soft colors - very soothing. TFS a very pretty card.

Jill said...

I love those cards. You really are professional.