Saturday, December 15, 2007

Its Snowing!

In our neck of the woods, its snowing! The rooftops are white, the ground is dusted, and baby its cold outside! But with a warm cup of cocoa and some Christmas carols on the radio, Im enjoying this winter day.

After much cutting, distressing, stamping and inking, my mom's Christmas cards are finally done, all 24 of them. The pictures dont do justice for some of the detail but hopefully you get the idea.
Its hard for me to pick just one thing I love about this card. I love the gold inking around the edges, the beautiful stamped image, and the lacy trim too. I have to say though, I had the stamped images all assembled and ready to be put on the green backing and they looked so lovely all stacked together. With the distressed edges, they were so soft. I thought, what a neat ornament these would make... Do you see where Im going with this? :) Hmm, stay tuned.

Because I have a huge project list waiting to be tackled this afternoon, and I do mean huge, I'll leave you with this image of my recent completed glass block. This one is a gift, although I do wish I could keep it because it would be perfect in our bedroom. 'Tis better to give than receive!


Carol said...

your glass block is beautiful! Love those graceful feathers and the star. Very nice! Someone will be very happy to receive that as a gift. I'm betting your mom will be happy with her great cards too! TFS :)

Anonymous said...

This is your "twin sister", Jennifer. I love the block! Thank you very much. Merry Christmas, and cheers to a Happy New Year! :)