Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Adventures of Max and Jill

Max surprised me (sort of) with a little get away this past weekend for our first anniversary. We had talked about going away a while back but due to work and all of the other things that life throws at us, we just didn't get anything planned. Or so I thought. Max had something up his sleeve but wouldn't tell me what. He just said to pack an overnight bag and get ready to go, 'we're leaving this afternoon!' How on earth does a girl pack for a trip when she doesn't know where she's going? "Very casual" is all I got. I had guessed earlier that we'd be going to an amusement park, just wasn't exactly for sure which one. About three hours into the trip, it turns out I was right. :)

About five hours after we left home, we arrived in Sandusky, OH, roller coaster capital of the world! We visited an amusement park on our honeymoon so it is now our goal to visit a park each year for our anniversary. I personally am looking forward to the day when we've visited all of the ones here in the US and we are "forced" to travel abroad.

So anyway, we're in Sandusky, 5 hours away from home, and uh, we have no reservations to stay anywhere. None. Everything was booked, Max said. Huh. All of the hotels in this dumpy little town were booked. But what the heck, right, lets go anyway! Max would sleep in the car for all he cared, I on the other hand, am a bit more...am way more particular as to where I lay my head. He was content with stopping at the first two hotels we saw. Nuh uh, no way Jose, I'm NOT staying there, keep driving. We tried two other places, both full with the exception of smoking rooms, which Max refused to accept. Max was referred to a resort just a few miles out of town, they might have some openings. This should be good, I thought, based on the looks of everything else around here. We get there...and omg...b-u-t-ful! I crossed my fingers, toes, and eyelashes in hopes that they would have something available...and affordable. Thankfully, they had open rooms, a bit pricey but what the heck, it was our anniversary! Sawmill Creek Resort is where we stayed and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice getaway or are in the Sandusky, OH area. This place had its own golf course and a spectacular setting right on Lake Erie. The weather was absolutely beautiful when we arrived so it was a great opportunity to head down to the marina and check things out. Here are a few pictures that I was able to snap before the battery in my camera went kaput.

I could have taken in that view all day long!

We went to dinner, then came back to check out "The Saloon" at the resort. Okay, people who live in million dollar condos and drive million dollar boats, do not hang out in saloons...do they? Apparently so and apparently they have a really really good time doing so! This cozy bar (for lack of a better word) was comfortably filled and hosted a Motown cover band, which was a hoot! We had so much fun watching the *ahem!* elderly folks getting their groove on. We busted our moves a few times as well, but I think I had more fun watching everyone else. And the funniest thing of all was when we spotted this guy (please forgive the terrible photo quality, I had to sneakily take the picture with my cell phone):

Who was an absolute dead ringer for this famous bounty hunter:

He had the black pants, white shirt, cowboy boots, necklace, and long blond hair. This guy knew what he was doing, for sure! Hysterical!!

I wont bore you with details of Cedar Point. We had a great time and that's all that matters. Unfortunately, a strong storm headed our way as we were getting ready to ride this:

This coaster launches forward, reaching 120 mph in 4 seconds, racing straight up a 420 foot track then comes down a track that twists 270 degrees. Great balls of fire!! I can take most coasters but this one I was really unsure about. But, mother nature had other plans and the ride was closed due to incliment weather. *wshew!* Maybe next time...

Oh, I almost forgot! On our way home, we stopped in Celina, OH for a bite to eat. We somehow stumbled upon this little dive right on the lake and decided to give it a try. What a spectacular view!

But the interesting thing about this stop were these two little cutie pies:

We saw the white dog trot up the sidewalk then came the black dog. We were commenting on how cute they were and the waitress told us that they follow their owner where ever he goes. He comes in for a beer and they sit across the street and wait for him to finish, then they follow him home. That's exactly what they did too! Their owner peddled up on his bike, came in to have a beer, and the dogs sat and waited for him across the street. They watched and waited until he was done. When they saw him getting ready to leave, their tails started wagging but they didn't move. Once he came out and hopped on his bike, away they all went! What loyalty!

Because this post is now waaaay too long and its past my bedtime, I'll leave you with the last few shots of our adventure:


PaininfarmMom said...

How cool! Way to go Max! How nice! Keep enjoying the many surprises of life and there will be many, many, more anniversaries!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I had to check after your description and picture...Dog's press for last weekend says he and his wife Beth were in Las Vegas. Blah! I like to believe he was with Uncle Max in Aunt Jill in Ohio. :)


Carol said...

what a sweet surprise! TFS your photos from your getaway. To be honest - mother nature is one smart woman! You've gotta be INSANE to ride something like that coaster!!! It's just toooo wild for me to imagine getting on board! LOL
Hope you're enjoying a nice holiday weekend back at home:)