Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleaning up and cleaning out

Hello, I thought I would check in so you all wouldn't think I fell into a hole or something. Do you ever get the urge to purge? Not THAT kind of purge! Get rid of things, clean out, spruce up, make it all new? Well, that's exactly what Ive been doing, or at least trying to, and it feels good!

I don't know about you, but as I redo things, or redecorate, I learn a little something new about myself. What I am learning this go around, more of a confirmation really, is that I am very monochromatic. I LOVE color, no problem there, its just that when I find a color I love, everything I pick up is that color! I am no home decorating diva by any stretch of the imagination, though I would love to be, so I have to really work at figuring out how to put things together and incorporate various elements to create an overall style...without it being all the same color. And unfortunately, I always want something to look just like the picture in the magazine and will accept no substitutes. Although...I usually have to! So its no surprise that my next inspiration snippet is just that, monochromatic ivory.

Stay tuned to see how these "snippets" have inspired my latest project(s).

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