Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthday Card

We celebrated my nephew's first birthday over the weekend. Mother Nature cooperated and we had a great time at his party on the lake. Here is the quick card I put together for him: The front is cut about an inch short to reveal the patterned paper and buttons underneath. I dug out some birthday rub-ons that I had and added sentiments to the front and inside.

When my Godson Holden was baptised, I stumbled around trying to think of what to give him as a gift. Max had the wonderful idea of giving him a he could watch it grow just as we would watch him grow. Hauling a seven or eight foot tulip tree out the back of a Jeep for 30 minutes was no easy feat, but we made it there...tree in tact. So we felt that it was only appropriate to give his brother Wade a tree too, for his first birthday. A "Wealthy Apple" tree!Check out the size of those apples already!
Hopefully the trees AND boys will grow to be big and strong!
Happy Birthday Wade!


PaintinfarmMom said...

And Aunt Jilly comes thru again! Great tree, cute card, great thought, its ALL just great! Good Job Jilly! Someday the boys as well as the other neices and nephews will realize what a special Aunt you are!

Carol said...

What a very special gift to give a tree! That's so thoughtful and a gift that keeps giving all your life. Great idea! Love how that child is enjoying his cake! LOL