Tuesday, September 2, 2008


No matter how tightly we try to hang on, summer is slipping away. With the passing of Labor Day, summer’s unofficial end, fall is certainly upon us. But what a great time to celebrate! Autumn is such a splendid time of year with a multitude of things to look forward to. A fresh start to school (except for me, yeah!), the kickoff to football season, vibrant colors, festivals, harvest, food, Oh the food!! *sigh* Fall has become my most favorite time of year. I just wish the beautiful leaves would hang tight a little longer and the crisp air filled with sunshine would endure a few weeks more. But to everything there is a season right?

In tune with the season’s change, I have updated my blog just a bit. With the new month comes a new banner, one of my favorite ways to express creativity. You may also note that I’ve updated my blog lists and categorized my favorite selections. I am always on the lookout for wonderful and inspiring blogs!

I look forward to sharing this fantastic season with you!


the Paisley Moon said...

Just wanted to share some of my favorite blogs with ya...




and www.chetanddot.typepad.com

the last one doesnt update often, but she is hilarious. I now am addicted to so many blogs, I have realized that most all of them live in Portland...I wanna move!

I love your new pic, you look beautiful!

Carol said...

I love the new look! great banner, and a great picture of yourself! Autumn is my favorite time of year and like you - I wish it could last a little bit longer!