Sunday, September 14, 2008

Country Living Fair 2008 (Round 1)

The countdown is over, and so is Country Living Fair 2008. Despite the icky weather (rain, lots of scattered rain), we enjoyed ourselves at this year's fair which was held at Ohio Village in Columbus, OH. We saw several improvements since last year's show with access and parking being at the top of the list. The vendor count appeared higher, though I'm unsure of actual numbers. The layout of the fair was more "village" like and spread out. I missed some of the coziness of last year's fair, where all of the booths were snuggled in together, but at least we were able to walk around without mowing people over...too much. That was a good thing.

Below are various photos I took at the fair. I'm still doing a little research to find additional information on my favorite vendors so I'll bring you those photos in Round 2.




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Kasey said...

I love that chair atop the farmtable:)