Sunday, October 5, 2008

Say hello...

to our 'ittle friend. Ladies and gentlemen, Barney. Max was spending time with his 'little' today (his little brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program) and came home with a Bearded Dragon. I okayed a lizard, because I was told that a cheap little $9 one would be cool. Barney here, did not cost $9 but we wont dwell on that little detail. Lets focus on the real issue at hand. I have...a my basement. And it better stay there.

Alright, so the little guy is kinda cute, in a lizard sort of way. Anything's cute when its smaller than the size of my hand. But these things don't stay that small. They get big. And ugly. And it now lives in our basement! If it wasn't for the cool program that Max is involved in, I'm not sure Id be so hip and cool with Barney taking up residence in our basement. But, its something good for Max and his little so I am cool with it. How harmful can a little lizard be right?!

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PaintinfarmMom said...

ooooooo no! Cant help itMax! I really dont like those kind of things. And they feel creepy on your skin! Guess that is one way to keep the girls out of the den!