Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's Entertain!

It’s Friday which means I bring to you some entertaining tips and goodies. All of today’s pictures and information came from Country Home, a great magazine I recently stumbled upon and am really enjoying.

I love the outdoors and especially enjoy entertaining outside or alfresco style eateries. Keep these ideas in mind next time you are out antiquing, flea market shopping, or planning a summer get-together.

Just Can It!

A vintage wire basket used for canning jars becomes the perfect companion for organizing silverware at a picnic or alfresco table.

Get Carried Away!

Reuse old tin pans with newly constructed handles as a carrier for drinks or condiments.

Spring Into Action!

A tired bedspring can be awakened with a bright napkin and party snacks. Another idea would be to place a small vase of flowers inside to use as table décor.

Bright Idea

Industrial light covers can be turned into lovely luminaries with simple paper supplies and a tea light.

Standing Tall!

A metal bucket and some vintage napkins are used to create an adorable beverage station.

Hold That Thought!

Vintage candle molds become handy holders of all things pretty with nothing more than pieces of ribbon used to bring out their natural beauty.


PaintnfarmMom said...

Do you know what that "basket is that is holding some things to be carried outside?.....The inner basket of a canner.....and no dear, you may not have mine yet! haha Might be able to help you out with some springs tho! haha

Carol said...

I love the way you utilize older antique items and bring them new life! Your ideas are incredible, and I love the beverage station on a painted stool! The luminaries are gorgeous and everything is beautiful!! TFS