Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stationery Kit

From time to time my sister comes to me needing something special for this person or that, for this reason or another. And I, being the best sister in the world, try my best to oblige her. Recently, a friend/coworker of hers was to retire and she wanted to give her a gift. Of course, she had no idea what she wanted, just something. Well, that narrows it down a whole bunch. She decided that she wanted something with her monogram on it but for whatever reason, I lost my card making mojo. Sometimes, that just happens. So I set out to make her a frame instead. I must have lost more mojo than I thought because the frame didnt turn out so well. Anyway, the mojo returned and back to the monogram idea I went. Over the weekend, while visiting my favorite scrapping store in "the city", I settled on strawberry and chartreuse cards and envelopes. *Im nuts about strawberries this season and I have no idea why.* But do you think this big store would have any cute papers to match these deliciously colored cards? Nope. Not a one. Disappointed, I headed home with what I did find with hopes of finding something later. And find something I did! At an aimless stopp at Hobby Lobby after work I spotted this brand new pack of patterned papers by MyMindsEye. Not a paper in the pack of 180 sheets that I didnt like, and by golly, they matched my strawberry-chartreuse set perfectly! I love it when a plan comes together. All of that is a long way of showing you what became of the final project (some of the pictures aren't real true to color since I took them at 2 am!!):

So there you have it. 20 coordinated cards, envelopes, monogram paper, and a carrying case. Im making a second set for a friend of mine in the colors of pool blue and cherry red...using the same fabulous paper pack. Really excited to see how they turn out and will of course, share views of the end product right here so stay tuned!


Kristal said...

I must say I am in LOVE with these! I think I may need to hire you to make something amazing for me. Oh Jill, you are so talented!

PaintinfarmMom said...

Wow ! Those do look neat Jilly! Good Job!

PaintinfarmMom said...

Love You!

Carol said...

what a beautiful set of cards! I love your choice of colors and I'm glad you found something that works together. Nice Job:)