Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's Entertain!

It's Friday so here are a few snippets of summer entertaining inspiration that can be found on the pages of these two fabulous books:

You can find these and other great books at a discounted price here and here. LOVE these books!

I've had picnics on the brain lately and have been gravitating towards ideas that are outside, simple, and a bit vintage. These pictures depict all of the above.

A few patriotic ideas to get us in the mood for the great American celebration:

And finally, here's the recipe for the Southwestern Layered Salad listed above:

"Served individually in one-pint Mason jars, this salad is great for taking on the road!"

8 oz container sour cream
3 oz package cream cheese, softened
10 oz can tomatoes with green chilies, drained
1 t cumin
4 c romaine lettuce, shredded
2 to 3 tomatoes, chopped
15 oz can black beans, drained and rinsed
15 oz can corn, drained
1 sweet red onion, chopped
15 oz can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
2 red peppers, chopped
Garnish: shredded sharp cheddar cheese, green onion, chopped

Combine sour cream, cream cheese, tomatoes with chilies, and cumin in a blender; process until smooth. Chill. Layer vegetables in order given among eight, one-pint Mason jars. Spoon sour cream mixture over top; sprinkle with cheese and green onion. Cover and chill for one hour. Makes 8 servings.

I love this idea, but I have to wonder, how do you get your fork down to the bottom of the jar?!

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Carol said...

great photos, especially love the red boots! TFS the recipe, those jars look so pretty!!