Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hop Skips

I just received a call from my sister-in-law up in Minnesota. Boy am I jealous! They’re on the big lake, aka Big Winnie, and had just stopped off for a shore lunch (literally pulling the boat to shore and having lunch). Thankfully, everyone arrived safely in MN, although my brother’s entourage blew a tire on the boat trailer and lost some bearings during the trip. 14 hours later, they arrived to camp and have been successfully pulling in fish. I told them to save some for us; we’ll be headed that way in less than 24 hours!

They’re going into town tomorrow to get more lemonade and vodka; apparently the Hop-Skips are flowing nicely! What are Hop-Skips you ask? Mmm, a delicious concoction traditionally named Hop Skip and Go Naked! Or, hop skip and fall on your face… Or, as our friend who had a few too many once called, Jump Kicks. We’re not sure where Jump Kicks came from but it’s my new favorite terminology. Hop Skips are great to serve at large social gatherings since they can be mixed in large portions, much like margaritas (my personal favorite). Here’s the recipe if you’d like to give them a try:

Hop Skip & Go Naked

1 bag ice
1 can limeade
1 can lemonade
2 liters Sprite® soda
1/2 gal vodka
1 case beer

Empty a bag of ice into a large cooler. Add the cans of limeade and lemonade, then the 2 liter bottle of sprite. Add 1/2 gallon of vodka and 20-24 cans of beer.

There are several renditions to this recipe so feel free to switch it up to suit your taste. More or less beer can be used (I say way less!) and I’ve seen some recipes that use whiskey and other devilish liquids. Remember to drink responsibly!

We're getting very excited about our trip to Lake Winnibigoshish and are scrambling to get things purchased, organized, and cooked before we leave tomorrow. We have lots of fun to squeeze into three days of fishing and boating, so much to do!

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Carol said...

That's some recipe!! Gang-sized for sure!! LOL
Have a great vacation - and catch lots of fish to bring back. Your B-I-L LOVES all forms of sea life and would LOVE to be invited for dinner! *snort* {insert a BEG}