Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missing Minnesota

I miss Minnesota. I miss being out on the water, the beautiful scenery, the peacefulness. Though our time there was short, it was a great blessing to be able to spend time with family and revisit some childhood memories. As children, you never know which experiences are going to stay with your memory forever. The images that this lake has imprinted into my internal photo album will be there for years to come, evoking the familiar feeling of being in a place that I love.

My parents' and brother's site was on Cut Foot Sioux while my other brother and cousins were over on Big Winnie (Lake Winnibigoshish). Though they are connected, each body of water has its own personality (sounds like my family!). One small and tranquil, the other large and abundant. Here are two videos that I captured on my camera that give a brief glimpse at each lake:

Big Winnie

Cut Foot Sioux

I am almost ready to share my photos with you so stay tuned!

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Carol said...

Wow, that's some very beautiful country in those videos! I'd miss it too if I'd been there - it just looks so peaceful and serene and uncluttered!